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Daemon de marché

Daemon de marché

On December 1, 2011, Deamon de marché opened in a location overlooking Devil’s Washboard.

Deamon de marché is a shop and restaurant with a wonderful view of the Devil’s Washboard, a scenic area that makes Miyazaki so special.

Welcome to Miyazaki


Deamon de marché is in Miyazaki located on the Kyushu Island southeast of the Japanese archipelago.

Miyazaki is blessed with tropical weather, and is where professional baseball, soccer and other sport teams hold their spring camps.

The Devil’s Washboard

The Devil’s Washboard

The wavelike rock formation that spreads in front of Deamon de marché is called Oni-no-Sentakuita or the Devil’s Washboard.

Aqueous sedimentary rocks (geologic layers of hard sandstone and soft mudstone) that were formed in the sea during the Late Miocene (about 7 million years ago) bulged and these were washed by waves for centuries, leaving behind hard sandstones that now look like boards are piled on top of another.

Deamon-kun and Marché-chan

Deamon-kun and Marché-chan

Statues of Deamon-kun and Marché-chan welcome you at Marché Plaza along the coast line.

Deamon-kun and Marché-chan are guardian deities in the form of devils.

It is said that their horns have special powers and if you touch them, your wish will come true.

Name Marché-chan
Age About 4 in human years
Height Same as Daemon-kun
Birth Called by the God of Hyuganada
Favorites Fresh Miyazaki fish, beautiful flowers
Name Daemon-kun
Age About 4 in human years
Height To tell the truth, he’s slightly taller than Marché-chan
Birth In the middle of a rice field in Nango-cho, Nichinan City
Favorites Delicious vegetables from Miyazaki

Shop & Pastry


Bread is baked early morning in the shop’s bakery.

There is a variety of bread, from standard favorites such as “Melon-pan (melon bread),” “An-pan (bean custard bread,” “brioches,” “sandwich bread,” and “baguettes” to sandwiches etc.

“Butter brioche rolls,” “mini-croissants,” and “pain de champagne bread” served in the buffet restaurant are also baked in the shop’s bakery, and sold hot from the oven.


The shop has a wide assortment of Miyazaki specialties such as local seafood, confectionery, Tomura’s grilled meat sauce, Miyazaki’s distilled spirits and rare spirits such as Mao.

Sundries and accessories popular among ladies change with season.

Cheese Manju

Cheese Manju

Originating in Miyazaki, this has become popular confectionery nationwide. Deamon de marché bakery bakes 3 different flavors. Try them all in the place they were originally made!



The rusks which are very popular now are also baked at the shop’s bakery. Deamon de marché rusks are popular as souvenirs and gifts.

1F Restaurant

1층 레스토랑

The buffet restaurant on the first floor offers a wide assortment of seafood dishes. Enjoy fresh fish and sushi, as well as pasta, fried food and desserts that will satisfy the tastes of all ages, young and old alike. Relax and enjoy your meal while viewing the beautiful sight that spreads before you.

1F Restaurant
1F Restaurant

Business hours

Weekdays: 11:00 – 16:00 (L.O. 15:00)
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 11:00 – 16:30 (L.O. 15:30)
*90-minute buffet lunch on weekdays and 70-minute buffet lunch on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Restaurant reservation

FAX +81-985-67-0812

Reservation received

24 hours

Reservation information

– Telephone number
– Facsimile number
– Date and time of reservation (Please tell us your desired date and time of reservation)
– 1F buffet restaurant or 2F Café & Restaurant
– Number in your party

Cancellation of Reservation

Please notify us about your cancellation 2 days before your scheduled arrival.
Cancellation charges may be applied depending on the content of your reservation.
Please inquire by phone for details.

Reservation form

Download the reservation form from the website.

Reservation Form English(PDF)


By car

To Deamon de marché (Devil’s Washboard)
Approx. 30 minutes from Miyazaki IC of the Miyazaki Expressway
Approx. 45 minutes from Nichinan City center

By bus

Approx. 10-minute walk from Nojima bus stop
Approx. 50 minutes from Miyako City Bus Terminal
Approx. 45 minutes from Aburatsu Station Bus Center

JR (Nichinan Line)

Approx. 15-minute walk from Kouchiumi Station
Approx. 40 minutes from Miyazaki Station (on local train)
Approx. 35 minutes from Nichinan Station (on local train)

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